Newberry Country Photo Gallery

Check out our Newberry Country Photo Gallery!

Photo Galley pictures were solicited by the La Pine Chamber of Commerce for use in the new La Pine Visitor’s guide and the website. All of these photos are of the beautiful La Pine recreational area covering the high desert, lake country and of course our Newberry National Monument.

The caldera and other spots are featured in our Chamber Publications and if you want to find out more about any of the sites, call into the office so we can pass the word to the artists who spent their free time collecting the images of the very best places to go if you love the out of doors!

A few pictures were taken during weddings, others were family vacations and honeymoons, hiking club members and residents who know where to go to maximize their time with family and friends.

Can you believe the beauty of our natural resources? Dozens of Crystal clear lakes, fast moving rivers, parks and campgrounds, trails, desert landscapes, high mountain overlooks, natural treasures like our national monument or the biggest Ponderosa Pine tree in North America- each one is within a few minutes of downtown La Pine!

Want to spend a few days getting to know our neck of the woods? Move from campground to campground and enjoy a day in a different location spending a night in a tent or cabin or RV, stopping for a meal at one of the local restaurants or by cooking over an open fire. Take a walk, swim fish hike or boat your way from one lake to the next- With 17 lakes right on the cascade loop, you will have no trouble at all occupying your days and nights with sunny days and starry nights and by grabbing an opportunity to spend time in the outdoors, you can grab some mental vacation time right along with the rest of your experience.

La Pine invites you to visit. Enjoy affordable family friendly fun. Come see La Pine, OR for a real break- away from the stress of the rest of the world!

For more great pictures of the area, check out Travel Oregon, Central Oregon Visitor’s Association and Christmas Valley Chamber of Commerce.